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Agent Licensing Support

Our Licensing and Commission team can help you throughout the entire licensing process. Offering services including Agent Training, Background Checks, CEU Verification and Recertification Requirements, we can help you gain and maintain a strong agent sales force.
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Billing and Collection of Premium

One of the most difficult areas of business can be collection of premiums and billing services. Let SAS take care of making sure your premium payments are received. We will handle all billing and collection, all while providing our excellent customer service.
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Claims Processing

Making sure all claims are handled quickly, correctly, and efficiently can be quite the daunting task. Our highly-trained Claims Department can help make sure all claims processing is done in a manner that helps satisfy your business goals and build up an outstanding reputation.
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Commission Payment to Agents

Keeping your agents taken care of is of the utmost importance. SAS can offer commission services such as providing statements, product commission journals, 1099s, and agent debt reporting. We will work tirelessly to keep your agents content.
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New Business Processing

New Business processing can deal with items ranging from initiating the application process, ensuring the receipt of a complete and valid application, and seeing the application through all the way to issue. SAS has a strong New Business department dedicated to making this process as smooth as possible for your business.
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Policy Issue

The last thing an agent and potential client want is for their application to be stuck in issue limbo for too long. SAS has developed a smooth, efficient, and quick method of ensuring we receive everything needed to get policies issued correctly and in a manner that satisfies all parties involved.
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Policy Owner Services

Keeping an existing policy is much cheaper on a business than bringing on a new policy holder. SAS understands this, and has dedicated many resources into creating a strong and capable Policy Owner Services team to continue to care for existing policy holders. SAS is known to have exceptional customer service, and here is where it shines the most.
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The underwriting process is vital to pushing new business through the door, but oftentimes policies can get hung up on certain issues found in this step. SAS provides a complete underwriting service team that prides itself on issues policies safely and quickly, helping you have as little obstacles in the way of new business as possible.
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